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Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo

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Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo

Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo What is "Freshness Distributing Technology Exhibition?"
Nowadays, freezers and packaging equipment that can maintain freshness over a long period of time by activating cells and controlling temperature by moisture control are attracting attention. By introducing such state-of-the-art technologies in a single place, we will encourage informative exchanges between producers and logistics companies, and will aim to expand exports of excellent marine products that Japan is proud of worldwide and strengthen international competitiveness.

Event Outline
  • Event name
    "Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology Expo 2017"
  • Exhibition period
    August 23 (Wed) ~ 25 (Fri), 2017
  • Venue
    Tokyo Big Sight East 7/8 Hall
  • Application deadline
    June 30, 2017 (Friday)
  • Co-event of "The 19th Japan International Seafood Show"
  • Frozen and refrigerated equipment
    Freezing / refrigerating equipment, thawing technology, ice making equipment, etc.
  • Packaging / Logistics equipment service
    Packaging materials considering food packaging machinery, cushioning materials, packaging materials, environmental protection etc, sterile / antimicrobial packaging technology, labeling machine, conveyor, temperature management transportation technology, humidity management transport technology, aviation container, offshore container, etc.
  • Equipment and services for HACCP countermeasures / Food hygiene control equipment/ technology, Sterilization water production equipment, Sanitation management material, Food inspection, Quarantine technology, Food hygiene inspection institution, Food traceability technology, Halal consultant, etc.
  • Management technology for transportation time and efficiency improvement
    Shipment / loading situation management technology, consolidated transportation service, inventory control technology, delivery vehicle management technology, small-lot loading pickup service, round trip management technology, etc.
  • Other
    Local exporters of low-temperature logistics and export consultants, etc.

  • Department store, mass retailer, supermarket, co-op, convenience store, fresh fish store, mail order, TV shopping, Internet sales, etc.
  • Restaurant, Japanese formal/ traditional dining, Western restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Izakaya, other restaurant, etc.
  • Market, brokerage, fishery wholesale / brokerage, food wholesaler, trading company, supermarket for business, wholesale, logistics industry, etc.
  • Catering, lunch box shop, etc.
  • Hotel, inn, galleries, etc.
  • Government, academic institution, other food stakeholders, etc.

What is your area of interest in "Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology/ Services?"

Last year report

Exhibitor's voice
  • We have exhibited in the past, but this time we decided to exhibit at the first "Freshness Distributing Technology Exhibition" corner. The number of visitors this time was the largest, and we managed to hold beneficial negotiations too. I did not know that there are many buyers who are interested in Freshness Keeping and Distributing Technology so much. It was really a pleasant surprise.
  • The food service chains that are developing nationwide are interested in 2 items of our products, and we anticipate tens of millions of yen for the closing price.
  • We did a proposal for a new transportation service, and there was an inquiry earlier than we originally expected, and we were able to enter into business negotiations. Because of the new service, I thought buyer side had more resistance, but I was pleased that exporting would be easier than before.

Exhibit Fee / Exhibit Regulations

Exhibition fee
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m
¥110,000 (excluding tax) * Space only
Official Discount
  • Over 6 booths 3%
  • Over 10 booths 5%
  • Over 20 booths 10%
  • Over 33 booths 15%
  • Over 44 booths 18%

Rental package plan

The following are decorative package plans that are ready for exhibitors to exhibit just by bringing the product.
(* Please note Exhibit Fees apply separately)

Rental Package A
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m x H2.7m
¥66,000 (excl. tax)
*excluding exhibition fee

Package includes
  • Paneled Walls (both sides and rear)
  • Fascia Board
  • Outlet (985w、3 days electricity charges)
  • LED Spotlight (13W)
  • Carpet (Including installation work)
  • 1 Folding Table
  • 1 Folding Chair

Rental Package B
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m x H2.7m
¥34,000 (excl. tax)
*excluding exhibition fee

Package includes
  • Paneled Walls (both sides and rear)
  • Overhanging Fascia board (up to 20 letters)

Rental Package C
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m x H2.7m
¥25,000 (excl. tax)
*excluding exhibition fee

Package includes
  • Paneled Walls (both sides and rear)
  • Fascia board on rear wall