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Sushi EXPO

SUSHI EXPO What is "Sushi EXPO"?
Sushi EXPO focus on "Sushi", which can be considered as the representative of the "Japanese food" which has been registered as a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage site that also lead to "Japanese food" boom. We will continue to spread information about "SUSHI", while promoting the wonderful fish and fishery products of Japan to around the world.

Event Outline
  • Event name
    "Sushi EXPO 2017"
  • Exhibition period
    August 23 (Wed) ~ 25 (Fri), 2017
  • Venue
    Tokyo Big Sight East 7/8 Hall
  • Application deadline
    June 30, 2017 (Friday)
  • Co-event of "The 19th Japan International Seafood Show"
Exhibited products / technology
  • Sushi Topping
  • Frozen Sushi
  • Creative Sushi
  • Local Sushi
  • Rice
  • Sliced Ginger(Sushi Gari)
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Seaweed
  • Flavoring
  • Japanese tea and beverages for Sushi restaurant
  • Dessert
  • Sushi related souvenirs & goods
  • Live fish tank
  • Refrigeration technology
  • Frozen sushi thawing machine
  • Sushi processing equipment
  • Home delivery system
  • Delivery tray, Delivery equipment
  • Desktop order system
  • Conveyor belt for Rotation sushi
  • Rice cooker, rice cooking robot
  • Picture plates used for rotary sushi
  • Sushi Rice molding machine
  • Seaweed roller machine
  • Rice ball molding machine
  • Others

  • Sushi restaurant
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Delivery sushi shop
  • Izakaya
  • Bulk merchandisers, department stores
  • Fishery wholesalers, brokerage
  • Fisheries officials
  • Conveyor belt sushi
  • Japanese fine cuisine and dining, Ryotei
  • Take-home sushi shop · Hotel, inn, ceremonial place
  • Convenience store · Fisheries, food processors
  • Various mail order, retailers etc.
  • others

Last year report

Last year report

Exhibitor's voice
  • By participating in the "Sushi EXPO" section, it seemed that many overseas buyers came. We were able to negotiate with a specialized trading company for overseas Japanese restaurants, and after the end of the exhibition, we went on a trip immediately and had a concrete talk advanced. It is likely to lead to good results, with clear goals set for export.
  • We manage to make new proposal and pursuing business talks about the new sushi merchandising materials to some big companies and traditional sushi chain stores that had traded with us in the past. By participating in the "Sushi EXPO" section, we were able to negotiate a lot with buyers who are interested in sushi merchandise. The anticipated amount of this contract is likely to be xx million yen.

Exhibit Fee / Exhibit Regulations

Exhibition fee
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m
¥110,000 (excluding tax) * Space only
Official Discount
  • Over 6 booths 3%
  • Over 10 booths 5%
  • Over 20 booths 10%
  • Over 33 booths 15%
  • Over 44 booths 18%

Rental package plan

The following are decorative package plans that are ready for exhibitors to exhibit just by bringing the product.
(* Please note Exhibit Fees apply separately)

Rental Package A
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m x H2.7m
¥66,000 (excl. tax)
*excluding exhibition fee

Package includes
  • Paneled Walls (both sides and rear)
  • Fascia Board
  • Outlet (985w、3 days electricity charges)
  • LED Spotlight (13W)
  • Carpet (Including installation work)
  • 1 Folding Table
  • 1 Folding Chair

Rental Package B
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m x H2.7m
¥34,000 (excl. tax)
*excluding exhibition fee

Package includes
  • Paneled Walls (both sides and rear)
  • Overhanging Fascia board

Rental Package C
1 booth W2.0m x D2.0m x H2.7m
¥25,000 (excl. tax)
*excluding exhibition fee

Package includes
  • Paneled Walls (both sides and rear)
  • Fascia board on rear wall